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Hands some Feet - The show

Hands some Feet is a dynamic and fresh contemporary circus show, seamlessly combining the mastery of juggling and tightwire. Complemented by innovative acrobatics, physical theatre, skipping ropes and live music from the unique instruments of Australia and Finland.

The piece is made by Liisa Näykki (FI) and Jeromy Zwick (AU/CH) and is powered by their unconditional passion to create together. Through its peculiar body language the show makes the audience chuckle for the special alliance of humankind. Inspiration for the show is from a word found only in the Finnish language: Hepuli. Hepuli means to have a negative or positive burst of emotion, that even the most civilised great ape can not withstand. This duo serves a universal interpretation of young couples under the spell of hepuli.

“The performance was a wonderful and entertaining experience with incredible feats of acrobatics, juggling and coordinated skills.”
★★★★½  —FringeFeed 2018

The couple work perfectly in harmony together, combining their skill sets together in an artful way that looks stunning.” 
★★★★½ -The Fourth Wall

Will both bring you joy and leave you gobsmacked
★★★★ -The West Australian

The whole performance is a refreshing and uplifting cool breeze, a spritzer for the soul.”
-Alicia Smith, Australian Theatre and Live Performance Reviews 

Artists/directors: Liisa Näykki & Jeromy Zwick 

Mentoring/outside eye: Meri-Maija Näykki

Music composition: Patrik Zeller

Light design: Riku Elo


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Pictures: Jeromy Zwick, Liisa Näykki, Tilman Pfäfflin, Miguel Rubio, Stephanie Pease, Jasper van het Groenewoud, Michael James and Heikki Jarvinen.

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About us


Hands some Feet is a contemporary circus duo with Liisa Näykki (Finland) and Jeromy Zwick (Australia/Switzerland). They studied, met and fell for one another at the national circus school of Belgium, in Brussels “École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque” (ESAC) where they both received a bachelor diploma in circus arts.

Hands some Feet, as the name may suggest is quite a literal combination of not only the artist’s two specialties in circus; juggling and tightwire, but as them both coming together as people on stage. Jeromy as the juggler is the hands and Liisa using her feet mostly as a tightwire dancer is the feet.




Liisa Näykki (Finland)

From the land of forests, lakes and nokia mobile phones, Liisa moved to Brussels in 2012 to study at the prestigious circus school École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque "ESAC" from which she graduated in the spring of 2016 and has since been busily working with companies such as Cirque Éloize, Cirkus Zorba, Cirque Rouages, Cirque Galapiat and Cie des Chausson Rouges. She has also performed in multiple high profile events such as the Paris fashion week 2017

Liisa herself is also a bit of a fashion nut who loves to be in the nature and to bathe in crystal clear waters, Liisa also doesn’t mind the odd cuddle with a cute cat and lazy sunny sunday brunches (I mean, who doesn’t?)


Jeromy Zwick (Australia/Switzerland)

Born and raised in Australia by his Swiss parents, Jeromy grew up with the best of both cultures. Barbecue Saturday night and a Fondue on Sunday evening. 

Jeromy also moved to Brussels to follow his dream of becoming a professional circus artist and was accepted in to École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque “ESAC” in 2014. Before coming to Brussels, Jeromy studied and worked as a cabinet/furniture maker, and now he still enjoys to work with some wooden projects on the side. After graduating from ESAC in the spring of 2017 Jeromy directly joined the Belgian circus company 15feet6 and co-created the passion project Hands some Feet together with Liisa Näykki not long after falling for her romantically.     



Meri-Maija Näykki (Finland)

Theater director, Circus director, Performer, Multi talent powerhouse and also sister to Liisa Näykki, Meri-Maija gave Hands some Feet the incredibly valuable dramaturgical tools and pathways to be able to make the show and to find the path it needed to make. Meri-Maija also assisted as being the outside eye to the project. She’s also a blast to be around to be frank.


Patrik Zeller (Switzerland)

Patrik Zeller writes, plays and produces music for theater, film and performances. At the center of his work is the mediation of moods through music, which he captures perfectly in the pieces he composed for Hands some Feet.

You can stream and even buy the music from the show here:

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Marion Lesort (France) La Chouette Diffusion

Our fabulous producer and person in charge of the diffusion. It is in Sémaphore - scène conventionnée pluridisciplinaire, that Marion begun her professional career. As a passionate cultural mediator, she developed many projects for three years. Today she wants to extend this experience by working closely with the creation in diffusion and production. Marion is one of the co-founders of La Chouette Diffusion.